• How much do tours cost? Tour costs vary depending upon numbers and duration and we get many variations! Our prices are competitive (relative to other Tour Guides in Nottingham), our tours are authentic and original  and give excellent value for money
  • How long do tours last? Typically we aim for 90 minutes, with a little leeway to enable visitors to take photos and ask questions, in our experience longer tours can affect attention spans, toilet breaks and meal times, after all we are all human! Our tours are meant to fit into your overall stay in Nottingham!
  • When do I have to pay? No later than when the tour starts but don’t worry as a valued visitor you have the last word on Trip Advisor and we value our reputation!
  • Are there loads of facts to remember, like my History lessons at school? Of course not, we present our tours with lots of visuals and don’t blind you with facts and figures, we just fire your imagination! We don’t run tours we wouldn’t go on ourselves
  • Are tours weather dependant? Not usually, we undertake tours in rain or shine, well it is England!
  • Where do we meet? Typically by the Left Lion in front of the Council House in Old Market Square but if its more convenient for you we can mutually agree another location
  • Can I ask questions? Of course you can, our tours are interactive and that’s what makes them fun, don’t worry you are not expected to spend 90 minutes listening, ask away and we will be pleased to help, its your tour!
  • Do you run regular “Public Tours”? Not presently partly because numbers cannot be guaranteed and also because we like to run Personalised Private Tours which are customised to our Visitors needs
  • What is your availability? Between 9 in the morning and 9 at night, 7 days a week all year around. Based upon our experience the most popular times for tours are between 10 and 12 noon and 2 to 4pm (to suit visitors meal breaks) but we are flexible!



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